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Protection and escort of Liberwin|The return of Chu overlord in the second season of singles


In the second season of 2021 single billiards super competition, Chu Bingjie, the image spokesman of Li Bai Wentai, reversed his domineering spirit and won a big victory!

In this stage of the competition, Chu Bingjie lost the first race to his opponent. But the king of Chu was not built. The king came back! We all know that success can't be achieved overnight. We are all striving for it. How can you be willing to take the lead.


Looking back at every bit of Chu Bawang, we firmly believe that success will never fail those who work hard. In the future, the road of the development of Chinese style tableware, Li Baiwen will climb the peak bravely, stand high in the sky and earth, to realize our commitment to the Chinese people, and make the Chinese style tableware to the extreme! We firmly believe that there is no longer road than the foot, a frog step to climb the top of the hill!