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Today, .Liberwin is going to say sorry to our fans


Dear users, how are you

Thank you for your support and love for the brand! Our company is forging ahead on the road of Chinese style table tennis. Now we have established a stable cooperative relationship with the leading enterprises in the domestic billiards industry, and actively participate in the domestic first-line billiards competitions, and forge ahead on the road of brand extension! Since the second half of 2020, billiards industry has been booming, and customers' demand for our brand tablecloth has increased sharply. In 2021, our imported raw materials are also soaring, and labor costs are also rising, but we will never subtract from the quality of our products!

Liberwin is an enterprise dedicated to the development of Chinese billiards culture. We will continue to explore the technology and quality of our products. Unable to meet all your needs, we say sorry to you!