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LiberwinReview of the people in the event

On April 19, the name list of star Kangxi Shengshi Chinese billiards elite tour was settled, and Chen Qiang, a long lost famous player, was surprised to return.

All the star card - Kangxi Shengshi elite tour qualifiers are finished, and 64 contestants are officially confirmed. A long lost name attracted the attention of Xiaobian. In the second stage of the qualifier, Chen Qiang, a famous Liaoning player who has been away from the competition for a long time, is surprised to return.

After all, I haven't played for a long time. Even such a master needs a process of adaptation. In particular, in the past, all the competition platforms were imported, and the designated platform for this competition was independently developed by China (libwen 68577). He was 2-0 down in the opening, but Jiang was still hot. Chen Qiang quickly adjusted, quickly hit the climax of winning 8 games in a row, and laid the foundation for victory!

Born in 1983, Chen Qiang has been playing billiards for more than 20 years. Won countless Championships. However, this is how competitive sports rise and fall. But the love for billiards is regardless of age. As he himself said: "his desire for victory is still as hot as when he was young"!

Chen Qiang will face a large number of challenges of "post-90s" and "post-90s" in the current elite tour. Because he has been sparing the battle for a long time, he said, "I don't care so much about the results, but I love them. If we can win the championship, our confidence will be further strengthened! "

Nowadays, China's Billiards industry is booming because there are so many billiards players like Chen Qiang. As a member of the billiards industry, Li Baiwen has also been committed to the development of Chinese billiards culture to do a good job in green bedding! For 21 years, we have been persisting in the perfection of China's Taiwan. Our current products are not perfect, but we have been working tirelessly on the road of perfection. In the future, the champion must belong to those who have a heart!